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Esx: use 2 sounds on one part
its so simple its ridiculious :) with this technique you can have two samples/loops sitting on one part/channel. Gives your esx a new dimension doesnt it? Btw. this trick can also be accomplished on the ESX by just pressing shift-record (resample) and hitting two partbuttons (the 2nd should have reversed toggled on).

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Esx vst controllerplugins
For the people who want to get full control over their electribe esx: I wrote some scripts which I'd like to share with you. Here a small demonstration (warning: european english is used). My iphone didnt have enough diskspace, hence the sudden ending of the demonstration :)

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Esx stretch-synthesize tutorial
Youtube tutorial which explains: showing you how to stretch samples in realtime. This allows for making totally new sounds only by fooling around purely in sample-mode. Great to make single soundscapes, to merge into one sample at a later stage. For more tutorials/tools 

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Internal sidechaining with electribe esx
DISCLAIMER: my english is experimental (just like my music) :)

here's a trick to do some clever sidechaining of certain parts, to prevent your tubes and audiostream from going berserk.Could be really handy for very aggresive house/electro/dubstep grooves.

Hope this helps. Big respect for danieklerr (Sauce) & Jeff (OpenElectribe). The ESX has much hidden areas which are to be explored. Lets put the skilllevel higher and higher! Its possibilities lies in the hand of its user. Don't fool yourself that this machine has low specs, the fun thing about this realtime 'mini-daw' is that many features can be accessed in realtime (and parallel!). The resampling feature literally enables unlimited possibilities, one groove gives birth to another, its almost a fractal. Oh yes, and you don't have to worry about midimappings,plugins,updates,latency..leave that for the computers :)

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Electribe sampler 2, whats different?
ES2 & E2 - what's different? ANSWERS HERE!
Also an original example beat "Noisy Neighborhood", and sampling demo.
VJ Franz K has the info for you first! ; - ) Please subscribe.

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Connecting korg electribe esx to external synthesizer ( access virus snow )
This is a tutorial how to connect your Korg Electribe to an external Synthesizer like the Access Virus Snow. Everything is learned from youtube, manuals and ...

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Electribe meets tx16wx software sampler
This tutorial shows how to link a hardware sampler to a software sampler. I'm familiar with DAW's, but I've always worked with hybrid hardware/software setups. However, usually swapping information becomes cumbersome in hybrid setups, except in this particular setup. This setup is awesome imho, because it solves that problem by connecting both midi- and audio in/outputs with eachother. That causes the workflow to be very simple and fast. Samplers are easy opensource environments for audio, the power of re-sampling is something which can be easily forgotten in this software-era.

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Seamless (background)loops tutorial on esx
2014-07-31 (my blog) (electribe resources) (my songs made with electribe)
The slicing-algorithm of the electribe esx contains a nifty automatic crossfade-loop-feature which can be really handy. Here's a demonstration of a technique which can create interesting effects without using extra samplememory. Hope you like it. (WARNING: european english is used :)

HINT #1: optionally you can resample the seamless loop, and put  it on a drumpart. Whenever you experience a 'click'-sound re-apply the envelope 'fadein' trick as shown at 03:38

HINT #2: The sample above was extracted from a soundfont, so it was already loopable (hence the 'all'-slice was looping). So, this means you can prepare a looping sample on your laptop: in your waveeditor apply a fadeout on the end of your sample. Then apply a fadein on the beginning of your sample. Cut that first-part, and mix (not paste) it with the end of your sample. Voila its a seamless looping sample. Hope it makes sense :) If not let me know and I'll demonstrate it in a video.

Respect to my electribe brothers Nick Salerno, Sauce, Andygaro, Electromachines, Dmitry Yashin,Samuel Faivre, Georg Grabner, Hannu Salomaki, Paulo Marques, Franz Keller, Walter Haisenberkk, Acid Baka, Matt LbFu, Katsuyoshi Shishido, Mickey Boggia, Steve Lockett, Mortimer Killerhundwelpen, Walter Haisenberkk, Marcus Kautz, and all the people who I forgot.

Happy electribing! :D

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Electribe esx: easily match volume between pa
this shows an easy way of making sure patterns share the same overall loudness

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Howto do chords on!
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the korg electribe esx is monophonic..or not? Well yes and's how to easily create polyphonic chords. 
Happy electribing!

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