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New electribes 2014
new electribes will be shipping in november 2014!2

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Esx liveset leon du star
My buddy Roland invited me to his place (he lives at number 303, no joke!), and before I knew it I was trying out some mad funky stuff with Roland and his squirrel :D

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Connecting korg electribe esx to external synthesizer ( access virus snow )
This is a tutorial how to connect your Korg Electribe to an external Synthesizer like the Access Virus Snow. Everything is learned from youtube, manuals and ...

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Witch house tutorial on korg electribe emx and yamaha pss-480
worst song ever△△△ The scale used for this song is chromatic, which is why it sounds bad and childish. This is just a sound capability demo, though. Sor...

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Kst how to connect ableton and electribe korg
2013-03-20 Follow me on my website, more Tutorial Electribe ;-)

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Track001 - emx1
Long time electribe fanatic here, been attempting to make a song a day since January 1st, 2015.
Hasnt worked out to well, but i have made a ton of songs im really happy with.. 
And this is one of them. 
My friends name my songs, so i present to you-

"Jumping Jalapenos"

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Korg electribe emx side chaining tutorial
Korg Electribe EMX Side Chaining Tutorial. Olivander1213 videos. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 3. 386 views. Like 3 Dislike 1. Like <b>...</b> Korg Electribe EMX1 Creating Your Own Pattern From A Preset Part Oneby gearwire 15294 views &middot; 954. Watch Later Electribe MX1 Dubstep Mix by Shrikeby TTMX1 34578 views &middot; 536. Watch Later Korg Electribe ESX1 Walktrhu Part Oneby gearwire 23756 views &middot; 945. Watch Later Enter Shikari Dance Mix Cover on Korg EMXincl MOTHERSTEPby Roelie20 3424 <b>...</b>

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Electribe emx-1 explanation
I just tell you about the Electribe Emx-1 if you want me to do a tutorial explaining anything about it i will, just message or comment me about it.

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Tr909 electribe sx beatmaking tutorial (part 1) - harlem nights
Thanks for your requests, here's part 1 of how to make beats on the Korg Electribe SX sampler. Sound is still a bit harsh and unbalanced, in part 2 further s...

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