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Electribe sampler 2, whats different?
ES2 & E2 - what's different? ANSWERS HERE!
Also an original example beat "Noisy Neighborhood", and sampling demo.
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Electribe2 issues
So last night I unboxed my EMX2 and had a good old play around with it.
It is definitely a very cool machine to work with however, I did run into a few issues that make the Korg a little annoying to work with. So I've made this video to show you those issues.

tutorial electribe2 e2 

Korg electribe sx using dither as distortion
The native distortion effect lacks highfrequency content imho. 
I accidentally discovered how to add high distortion frequencies: by maximizing the added dithering: normalize a sample played at low volume.
Doing so with the eq-effect will give you still a bit of high- low-band control using the fx knobs.

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warning: Experimental (European) English is used in the video :)

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Spice up electribe sx beats
Simply layering drumsamples doesn't give you the sound you want? Try this technique.

NOTE: *FREE* downloadable (lowpassed) kickdrumsample (SUB.wav) included in the link below, which you can load into your 
electribe SX and apply the technique!

THE LINK: http://tinyurl.com/p8bqa3j

NOTE: I made the length of the kickdrum extremely long, so you can adjust the length using the decay-param to your liking.

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Howto do chords on esx..fast!
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the korg electribe esx is monophonic..or not? Well yes and no..here's how to easily create polyphonic chords. 
Happy electribing!

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