Korg Electribe Electribrary

What is the electribrary

Its a platform to stimulate the sharing- and openmindedness of Electribers.
There is some sharing out there, but unfortunately many files get buried very easily on social mediapages and forums.
Thats why this webplatform is the ultimate database for Electribe resources.

Next to that, the electribrary is the first a library of looped wav-instruments, which can be used by the electribe SX/ E2S.

How to use this site

  1. Download some instruments,packs,or samples, and load them into your electribe
  2. or: connect the audio-out of your computer with the line-in of your electribe.
  3. Go to the multishots-page, press play on a random player, and press shift-record on your electribe.
  4. Have fun, make some grooves, makes some nice sounds
  5. Optional: upload dropboxlinks to this site

Social Media / RSS

Join our social mediapage (click facebook-icon in the top), it reflects all new additions of this platform.
Or in case you've also realized RSS is not dead, subscribe to our RSS feed.


99% of all downloads are free sounds/presets/files/etc.
They are royalty free / Public Domain. All Samples are coming from the Web and were freely downloadable without any restrictions, licenses e.g., and are contributions from Visitors.
If for whatever strange reason something is posted what shouldnt be there, contact the maintainer of this website and he'll remove it.