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Electribe2 (synth) default init
Made by Tarekith:


I felt some of the settings in the stock Korg electribe (new) default patterns (upper 200's of the Pattern list) were a bit odd, so I made a new default of my own. Thought some people might want it, feel free to use it or modify it as you want.
To use it, place the file in the "KORG -> electribe" folder on your SD card. Then in the Data Utility menu, select Import Pattern, choose the card as the source, and then use the data encoder and Enter button to navigate to where the Pattern File is. By default it's set to load into Pattern location 001, just change the file name to the correct number if you want it somewhere else. Here's the file:
A few of the things I changed:
- Length set to 4.
- Pattern Level set to 100.
- Chord Set changed to 4 for all Parts
- Gate Arp set to pattern 28 for all Parts.
- Groove Type changed to laidback for all Parts.
- The lower row of Trigger Pads are set up with the first drum type from each category, and all Voice Assigns set to Mono2.
- The upper row of Trigger Pads are set up with a mix of the different OSC types, and all Voice Assigns are set to Poly2.
- Trigger Pad Velocity and Scale Mode turned on for all Parts.
In addition, I set up all Parts to have a default Level of 64 to give some more headroom. I also switched the Insert Effect to the "Delay 1/4" effect for all parts, I just personally reach for distortions very infrequently.
Anyway, fixes some of the obvious ones like Trigger Pad Velocity and it also gives you more headroom to play with. Hope it helps.

electribe2 emx2 init factory synth edition 

Electribe2 issues
So last night I unboxed my EMX2 and had a good old play around with it.
It is definitely a very cool machine to work with however, I did run into a few issues that make the Korg a little annoying to work with. So I've made this video to show you those issues.

tutorial electribe2 e2