Korg Electribe Electribrary

Esx/emx vst plugin
VST plugin (linux/windows 32/64bit) to control/sequence your Electribe ESX/EMX using a DAW.

DISCLAIMER: the EMX-scripts are not finished/available yet, since I dont own one. However, looking at the manual, anyone with a text-editor could modify the ESX scripts to get it working. (please send me those to info at leondustar dot com)

demonstration @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFIJuEtbHH0

* not afraid of midi
* a midiconnection (usb-2-midi-cable e.g.) from your computer (midi out) to your electribe esx (midi in)
* you need a VSTHOST which supports midivst. 

1) download the zip (and unzip it into your vstfolder if you want to use it with your DAW)

2) run an .exe file in windows. In linux run the '-linux'-files from the commandline. Or, start your VSTHOST, and launch the plugin (its called 'reaJS' or 'electribe-vstx-32/64')

3) the plugin pops up with the default program for electribe track 2 (press the 'Load' button to select other electribe parts)

4) make sure the plugin is outputting to your midicable (which is connected to your esx/emx)

5) have fun controlling/sequencing those sliders!

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Esx vst controllerplugins
For the people who want to get full control over their electribe esx: I wrote some scripts which I'd like to share with you. Here a small demonstration (warning: european english is used). My iphone didnt have enough diskspace, hence the sudden ending of the demonstration :)

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