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Swing you sinners
Live act music recorded.Light weight techno.:-)

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Track001 - emx1
Long time electribe fanatic here, been attempting to make a song a day since January 1st, 2015.
Hasnt worked out to well, but i have made a ton of songs im really happy with.. 
And this is one of them. 
My friends name my songs, so i present to you-

"Jumping Jalapenos"

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Paweldun - oopart (dub techno)
chords chained to a echo machine pedal from behringer, cheap pedal but can do a lot of damage

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Electrofood ch - digital pray (live)
  Korg ESX-1 Electribe, Korg EMX-1 Electribe, NI Traktor Z2, Vestax PDX-2000mk2, Alesis Air FX, Launchkey + iPad mini, PreSonus AudioBox iTwo audio interface for iPad, M-Audio oZone midi keys, KORG Kaoss pad3

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Electrofood ch - g-funk (live)
Korgs ESX-1 and EMX-1, NI Traktor Z2, Vestax PDX-2000mk2, Alesis Air FX, Fingrophone on iPad mini, M-Audio oZone

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