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Esx: use 2 sounds on one part
its so simple its ridiculious :) with this technique you can have two samples/loops sitting on one part/channel. Gives your esx a new dimension doesnt it? Btw. this trick can also be accomplished on the ESX by just pressing shift-record (resample) and hitting two partbuttons (the 2nd should have reversed toggled on).

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Korg electribe modular hack
hacked this long ago but even after pictures and diagrams some people still refuse to believe.......... so here is a video. modular version of electribe ea1,...

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Sharing is caring. Lets build a big awesome online database, so create and upload some multisamples here as well. See the SoX utilities to easily convert a directory of samples into one multishots.
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Dubstep samples ghosthack
some free samples from the awesome German producer ghosthack. 320kbps (good enough to sample). 

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