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Esx liveset leon du star
My buddy Roland invited me to his place (he lives at number 303, no joke!), and before I knew it I was trying out some mad funky stuff with Roland and his squirrel :D

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Sharing is caring. Lets build a big awesome online database, so create and upload some multisamples here as well. See the SoX utilities to easily convert a directory of samples into one multishots.
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Xarcmastering kicks
kicks from kvr (credits to xarcmastering) converted to multishot using sox +lame

origin: http://www.kvraudio.com/banks.php?s=dl&amp;id=1381

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Internal sidechaining with electribe esx
DISCLAIMER: my english is experimental (just like my music) :)

here's a trick to do some clever sidechaining of certain parts, to prevent your tubes and audiostream from going berserk.Could be really handy for very aggresive house/electro/dubstep grooves.

Hope this helps. Big respect for danieklerr (Sauce) &amp; Jeff (OpenElectribe). The ESX has much hidden areas which are to be explored. Lets put the skilllevel higher and higher! Its possibilities lies in the hand of its user. Don't fool yourself that this machine has low specs, the fun thing about this realtime 'mini-daw' is that many features can be accessed in realtime (and parallel!). The resampling feature literally enables unlimited possibilities, one groove gives birth to another, its almost a fractal. Oh yes, and you don't have to worry about midimappings,plugins,updates,latency..leave that for the computers :)

for more music/liveshow/bookings checkout www.leondustar.nl

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Electro house 2012 electribe radias ipad finger bassline ableton
Electribe EMX :Drum Korg Radias : Lead Synth Novation Super Bass Station : BassLine Ableton :midi files iPad App :Finger BassLine.

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