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Dubstep electribe emx wobble bass tutorial
After posting my other dubstep vid I had some questions about how the wobble bass sound was created. This describes it. The oscillator I'm using is dual saw/...

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Korg r3 - electribe a + r mkii - kaoss pad 2 - live electro house
My first Live post on Youtube ;) EDIT (I just noticed that this has an LCD SoundSystem kinda vibe...it took me a year to realise lol) I got some ideas and pr...

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Electribe emx & ableton live
korg emx routed through live kick & snare , hit hats loops running through impulse the rest is from the korg emx thanks for checkin it out. If you rate it pl...

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Electrofood ch - digital pray (live)
  Korg ESX-1 Electribe, Korg EMX-1 Electribe, NI Traktor Z2, Vestax PDX-2000mk2, Alesis Air FX, Launchkey + iPad mini, PreSonus AudioBox iTwo audio interface for iPad, M-Audio oZone midi keys, KORG Kaoss pad3

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