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Leon du star - make dub
This track is an experiment of dub sounddesign.
The deep & complex sounds of this track are based on simplicity.
It demonstrates how deep textures can be composed out of 3 seconds of audio (kick,hihat, and a single-cycle squarewave) from the SX upgrade-pack (see link above).
It's an optimistic message to anyone: "“People often associate complexity with deeper meaning, when often after precious time has been lost, it is realized that simplicity is the key to everything.” 
(Gary Hopkins)

All sounds come directly from this hardware sampler.
Just like music was made back in the days.
No laptop, no external fx, no eq, no plugin, the hiss is real!

ps. the auto-focus is...something i will disable in future videos :)

inspiration esx liveset dub dubtechno 

Paweldun - oopart (dub techno)
chords chained to a echo machine pedal from behringer, cheap pedal but can do a lot of damage

inspiration paweldun emx dub techno echo pedal techno 

Spice up electribe sx beats
Simply layering drumsamples doesn't give you the sound you want? Try this technique.

NOTE: *FREE* downloadable (lowpassed) kickdrumsample (SUB.wav) included in the link below, which you can load into your 
electribe SX and apply the technique!

THE LINK: http://tinyurl.com/p8bqa3j

NOTE: I made the length of the kickdrum extremely long, so you can adjust the length using the decay-param to your liking.

tutorial electribe esx beats mastering compression technique 

Esx liveset leon du star
My buddy Roland invited me to his place (he lives at number 303, no joke!), and before I knew it I was trying out some mad funky stuff with Roland and his squirrel :D

inspiration liveset esx funky house tech leon du star liveperformance 

Sharing is caring. Lets build a big awesome online database, so create and upload some multisamples here as well. See the SoX utilities to easily convert a directory of samples into one multishots.
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Xarcmastering kicks
kicks from kvr (credits to xarcmastering) converted to multishot using sox +lame

origin: http://www.kvraudio.com/banks.php?s=dl&amp;id=1381

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