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Electribe meets tx16wx software sampler
This tutorial shows how to link a hardware sampler to a software sampler. I'm familiar with DAW's, but I've always worked with hybrid hardware/software setups. However, usually swapping information becomes cumbersome in hybrid setups, except in this particular setup. This setup is awesome imho, because it solves that problem by connecting both midi- and audio in/outputs with eachother. That causes the workflow to be very simple and fast. Samplers are easy opensource environments for audio, the power of re-sampling is something which can be easily forgotten in this software-era.

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Tx16wx vst sampler
Popular software sampler (100% free) to use in conjunction with the Electribe ESX/EMX. 

It delivers an easy way to extend your electribe with sfz/sf2 soundfonts and complex samplemapping/resampling on keyboardparts. It's touted as the best hybrid workflow between hardware- and software.

Requirements: a pc, electribe midi output to usb-to-midicable, (for esx: audio out of pc routed to elecrtibe audio-in). Recommended usage with free herman seibb's vsthost/savihot. For more instructions see this article: http://leondustar.nl/blog/archive/hybrid-setup

From the site: "Tired of the same old sample playback plug-ins, rehashing tired preset sounds and locking you in to a single manufacturer and data format? Would you like to experience that sheer joy that comes from building your own sounds, recording your own samples and mangling them with near endless sound shaping possibilities?"

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