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Korg electribe sx using dither as distortion
The native distortion effect lacks highfrequency content imho. 
I accidentally discovered how to add high distortion frequencies: by maximizing the added dithering: normalize a sample played at low volume.
Doing so with the eq-effect will give you still a bit of high- low-band control using the fx knobs.

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warning: Experimental (European) English is used in the video :)

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Howto do chords on esx..fast!
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the korg electribe esx is monophonic..or not? Well yes and no..here's how to easily create polyphonic chords. 
Happy electribing!

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Howto swell sounds during transitions
it *IS* possible to have soundoverlap between patterns. here a small demonstration of a one way of doing that. This is just a simple demonstration, if both patterns share the same tempo, one can easily resample a loop, and have it cascade into the next pattern.
Key points: create a looped sound, use keyboardpart 1 or 2, put 'eg time' at 75%, and make sure the next pattern is not triggering any notes (it will break the sound from the previous pattern).ofcoarse using loops etc).

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