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Korg electribe ipad
Um wait, did someone say MIDI controller ?? No songmode, no export to file and no sync to DAW. Then whats the point. compared to the actual module itself, t...

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Korg electribe midi sync setup emx esx signalflow, midi filter function
In this vid I'm explaining how to set up the two Electribes to make them run in sync. I chose the EMX to be the master and the ESX to be the slave in this ca...

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Witch house tutorial on korg electribe emx and yamaha pss-480
worst song ever△△△ The scale used for this song is chromatic, which is why it sounds bad and childish. This is just a sound capability demo, though. Sor...

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Korg esx-1 tutorial
MORE MUSIC http://www.myspace.com/frequentare some basic beatmaking using a KORG ESX-1 drum machine ... Joey Paranoia goes over simple methods to create a be...

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